I have always been interested in writing since I attended Trinity Grammar School in Sydney Australia. But further studies took me to other areas, and I attended University of New South Wales and University of Technology Sydney studying Mechanical Engineering and Business.

I worked for a time in my father's engineering business before opening my own business building sailing boats. This was short lived however, as the first thing you can do without in a recession is a new boat!

My interest in computers and technology led me into this area. IT has been very good to me and I have worked for a number of very large international companies. In this industry I was fortunate to do a lot of travel, particularly to Asia, France, and the U.S. I do some website design as well.

I have a training business which helps companies make better use of their telephone systems

Firearms have always been an interest of mine. I have been competing in benchrest rifle competition since I was old enough to drive myself around. Best results in competition have been a 4th place in the NBRSA Nationals in the U.S., 2nd place in the World Championships 300m, and Australian Champion sporter class.

Martial arts have also been an interest of mine for many years. I have qualified for black belt in both traditional karate as well as kung fu. I was really fortunate to find great instructors who made all the effort worthwhile.

Somehow I managed to find time to learn to fly and for a time I ran a flying school and taught aviation theory to private and commercial pilots.

I live in Australia, in Northern Sydney with my partner who is a policewoman and a great inspiration to me.

I have 4 children who keep me busy as well.